Top 20 Countries

While You Were Fapping

Every minute, 63,992 new visitors arrive at adult site, 207,405 videos are watched and 57,750 searches are performed. 55 of those video views are of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, which is still most watched video of all time at 195 million views.

12 new videos and 2 hours of content are uploaded to XXOSEX every day while 7708 Gigabytes of data are transferred worldwide. Users view 13,962 profiles, follow 593 other users, accept 167 friend requests and send 122 messages. 271 videos are rated, 528 are added to playlists and 22 new comments are left.

Most Searched for Terms

Trendy terms aside, top 4 searches by volume remained the same. These included ‘lesbian’, ‘hentai’, ‘milf’ and ‘step mom’. “Contrary to popular belief, men are not just interested in youthful bodies,” notes Dr. Laurie. “They like the idea of an older, experienced woman and may care less about the perfection of her body.”

Searches for ‘Japanese’ gained 3 positions to become the 5th most popular search, with ‘Asian’ gaining 6, ‘Korean’ up an impressive 16 and ‘Chinese’ up 14 positions.

Top 20 Countries by Traffic

Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic, followed by the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France and Germany. Traffic from Italy grew, causing it to take over 8th position from Australia. The Philippines gained 3 positions to reach the top 10, while Mexico remained at 11th. Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands all decreased in rank, as Poland moved up.

The newest member of top 20 is Ukraine, which gained an impressive 11 spots over 2017. Sweden, Argentina, Russia and South Africa all remained in the top 20.

Combined, these top 20 countries make up 80% of XXOSEX’s daily traffic, so we’ll be featuring more details on each country throughout the rest of the Year.