Best Programs & Networks – Tips & Guide


When doing research and considering a carrier in adult industry, you have to find the best programs on the web. At that point you can see what converts and how you can get for sending traffic their direction. I would likewise join a bunch of affiliate sites at first to figure out what works best for your needs.

I would advise not to join small affiliate programs at the beginning. Strange niche porn and badly designed websites that may also be badly converting. Or maybe just making assumptions (like: “no one pays for porn”) without actually reading forums and reading about how much webmasters are earning by buying traffic.

What is affiliate marketing?

First off, affiliate marketing is “somewhat new” thing on the web that has gotten huge. It allows you join affiliates and promote items. You gain commission when deals are made. A standard commission sum for a site would be about half recurring income for a site, and 20% webcams., and 20% webcams.

Joining the affiliate program is absolutely free and you gain access to an array of promoting tools at every one. All affiliates will have their own pros and cons. You will have to make use of your judgment and divert your traffic to what might work best for your site.

Benefits of adult affiliate marketing

Here are some of the great positive things about working in this business.

  • The products and services are hugely popular – everyone, or very close to everyone, likes sex!
  • Lots of potential to get search engine traffic from Google if you are a webmaster with your own sites. Very rarely competition from AdWords ads that are filling up the search engine result pages.
  • Lots and lots of different niches to promote and you can choose to focus on your favorites.
  • Every popular porn sites, webcam site, dating site, and sex game online has an affiliate program you can join to promote them.
  • High commissions for sales generated!
  • Just a really enjoyable job that requires watching a lot of sexy porn.
  • Free access to premium porn sites.

Top 11 best programs & networks

This is our list of the best offers categorized by type of offers. The rankings take into consideration the program itself, and its products online popularity. Our own affiliate experience regarding conversions and marketing tools also matters.

Affiliate networks


Having to need only one login for accessing up to several hundreds of offers is really convenient. It also makes it easier to compare the stats and testing different offers. The following networks are all world famous huge players in the adult affiliate industry.

Porn affiliate programs

To show only a few porn affiliate programs on this list is hard, considering how many different popular porn sites there is to promote online, but here is our try at listing the best ones at the moment!

  • Pimp Roll – Lots of HD, 4K porn videos available at their Wankz porn site. Lots of VR porn videos at their awarded Wankz VR site. Both sites accept PayPal.
  • Nubiles Cash – Lots of sites to promote, great affiliate interface. Their porn sites accept PayPal for higher onversion rates.
  • Virtual Real Cash – The largest VR porn site, or at least in the top 2. PS. VR porn is hot at the moment!
  • Buddy Profits – The gay version of the Fame Dollars network mentioned above.

Webcam affiliate programs

The category with the best paying adult affiliate programs for many affiliates!

  • Chaturbate – The by far most popular webcam site according to Google search statistics. It pays good and converts well, and for sure also gives a lot of people a great time totally for free.
  • Adult Webmaster Empire – High PPS sex cam affiliate program. Their websites target straight, gay and tranny markets. Their sites accept lots of payment options for high conversion rates, including PayPal and Bitcoin. $150 – $300 PPS depening on how many sales you can send each period of 2 weeks.
  • Bonga Cams – Quite similar affiliate program and webcam site to Chaturbate, but it has some nice live streaming banners you can use. The revenue share commission starts 5% lower then that of Chaturbate, but it does scale up if you can send enough customers their way.

Sex game affiliate program

Interactive sex action is probably only going to get more realistic and more popular.

  • PornAffs – Lots of deliciously looking 3D sex games. Converting very well!

More programs

How to promote adult affiliate programs

There are two main ways to make money and promote these affiliate programs.

Marketing with a website


The most common is probably to have a website and use that for marketing. There are many different kind of websites that are popular, including video tubes, photo galleries, blogs, reviews sites, top lists, and more. Need affordable web hosting to start your own site? Read our reviews. We also have 100% free WordPress themes that you can use to create blogs, photo galleries, or video tubes.

You can use many of these programs to get access to free content to use on your sites. Both videos and photos area available. You can link directly to the official porn sites that you got the content from and make money when users buy access to watch the full video, in the best quality, or view the entire photo gallery. You can also try out different offers for dating, cams, and maybe games to see what converts and earns you the most money with your traffic.

Marketing by buying traffic

There are many huge advertising networks used for the most popular high traffic websites online. If you are good at marketing you can try to make a profit from this kind of traffic sending visitors straight to the affiliate offers, or to your own sites and lading pages. The potential is huge with the vast amount of traffic available at these networks.

Marketing on social media

If you have a following or can build one on Twitter – The most popular social media channel that accepts adult content. You can use that as an audience for your marketing. Bear in mind though that Twitter might ban adult content on their site at any time..

Other adult industry sites to check out

There are many other useful sites to visit for people in the adult affiliate business. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • – A hugely popular forum for business talk, and also for off topic discussions. They also have an active newbie forum and a buying and selling forum.
  • – A large adult business site with industry news.
  • – Industry news.
  • – Industry news.

Adult affiliate conferences and events


Check out these events if you want to meet up with others in the same business and to catch up on the latest trends. Most of the big players in the industry attend and showcase their businesses at these events.

The webmaster site FUBAR travels to events and takes a lot of photos that are shared on their website. That site also has a schedule with upcoming webmaster events.